No one is going to deny the fact that electric kettles are fantastic kitchen appliances. They make it easy to heat up/boil water, and for that reason, many people own them. Due to the convenience they offer, they are a desirable purchase.

Unfortunately, though, many electric kettles have been found to be very unsafe. This is because most electric kettles are made of plastic. Cheaply made and poorly put-together plastic, to be more specific. Usually, the plastic is in the interior, rather than the exterior, although this does vary. When the kettle is boiling, and producing all of that heat, the plastic begins to break down. This leads to cracks and creases and the plastic begins to damage. Then, the chemicals housed within the plastic interior leak out, and they leak into the water that you are boiling and drinking.

Time and time again, studies have shown that plastic is not something that we want to ingest. Plastic has a variety of nasty and unfortunate effects on your body and on your overall health. Initially, these effects are quite small, but as time progresses, the effects will compound.

In this guide, we’re going to be looking at the safest electric kettle. Or, more specifically, the factors and features that make up and comprise the safest electric kettle. From this guide, you are going to be able to use this information to find the best and safest electric kettle for yourself.

Now, let’s dive right in!


What Should I Look For When Searching For The Safest Electric Kettle?

Ultimately, there are two main factors you need to consider. The first is that of the material the electric kettle is made out of, and the second consists of some general features.

The Material The Electric Kettle Is Made Of

Generally speaking, there are about three types of material that most, but not all, safe electric kettles are made out of. None of these materials are plastic, as you might expect, and they provide a safe alternative to plastic.

Stainless Steel

When we talk about stainless steel, we mean an electric kettle that is completely made of stainless steel, with no other material.

Unlike plastic, stainless steel is strong and durable. It can withstand a great deal of heat, and it won’t melt off or degrade due to those intense temperatures. Because of this, stainless steel is a great material for an electric kettle.

Stainless steel electric kettles are also some of the most affordable on the market.


Ceramic is the second type of material that you’ll see a lot of. It’s a bit more expensive than stainless steel, but it is safe. Ceramic doesn’t melt or degrade when exposed to intense temperatures, and because of that, it’s a very useful alternative to plastic electric kettles.

Using a ceramic electric kettle is a great choice, but you need to keep in mind that ceramic electric kettles, while definitely one of the safest and best options, are quite expensive. They are more expensive than stainless steel electric kettles, and definitely more expensive than plastic electric kettles. Part of this is due to the material, and part of this is due to the fact that ceramic is known as a very “aesthetically pleasing” material, and as such, when you buy a ceramic electric kettle, you’re getting an electric kettle that is, usually, quite stylish.


Many electric kettles with a glass interior have a stainless steel exterior. From a design standpoint, this looks quite nice.

With glass, the material is quite strong, so it has no problem withstanding intense temperatures, so it won’t degrade, over time.

However, glass is a bit less durable than both ceramic and stainless steel, and generally can’t withstand being dropped.

What Else Do I Need To Consider When Searching For The Safest Electric Kettle?
Now that you know the materials to consider, here are a few basic things you’ll need to consider, when searching for the safest electric kettle.

The Size/Capacity Of It

Some electric kettles can store a significant amount of water. That is what they have been designed for. Whereas others have a much smaller capacity.

If you make a lot of tea – or coffee, for that matter – in the morning, then you should probably purchase an electric kettle with a relatively large water capacity. At least 2 liters, or so.

However, if you don’t make a lot of tea/coffee, or don’t boil water that often and don’t boil that much when you do, then a smaller capacity, such as 1 liter, should be just fine.

How Long It Takes To Boil The Water

Every electric kettle takes a different amount of time to boil the water. Some electric kettles take 4 minutes. Some of them take 10 minutes. It varies quite a bit.

It can be hard to find this information on the product page, since not every manufacturer displays this type of information. But, generally speaking, when you buy an electric kettle, it’s best to purchase one that takes around 4 to 6 minutes, to boil the water, when the electric kettle is at capacity.

The Cost

At the end of the day, this is one of the most important factors that must be considered. Fortunately, though, most electric kettles are quite affordable. You won’t have to break the bank to purchase a good electric kettle, but it’s important to know the price range you’ll be looking at.

For a great electric kettle, expect to pay around $50. For something that is made of a more inexpensive material, such as stainless steel, but still has a lot of great features, you’re more likely to spend around $30 to $35.


Electric kettles are incredibly useful and practical devices that make it exceptionally easy to boil water, and then to make tea or coffee, or whatever other beverage requires you to boil water. But, not all electric kettles are created equally, and that’s why, in this guide, you now know what to look for and consider, when searching for the safest electric kettle!